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LegalMaps is a predictive analytics platform that facilitates collaboration between law firms and corporate legal departments.

By reducing friction in the creation and use of budgets and forecasts, LegalMaps delivers solutions for both client and counsel.

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The Matter Management Solution


Our algorithms leverage Enterprise Legal Management feeds and billing data to improve overall process efficiency and reduce waste.


For law firms, integrating this data into financial underwriting models allows more efficient working capital management.


By implementing the solutions at LegalMaps, the result is improved strategic alignment and better attorney client relationships.

Financial Institutions

LegalMaps curates receivables from elite lawyers working for large cap companies.

Our team has deep insider knowledge from both sides of the equation. We’re big law firm partners, Fortune 100 Chief Litigation Officers, and Fortune 100 Vice Presidents of LegalOps.

Bankers gain access to non-correlated asset backed securities formed from these receivables. Our algorithms reduce the primary causes of bad debt: billing against non-approved matters; time entries lacking client-approved billing codes; out of control teams; unapproved billing rates; and lack of budgets.

Lender risk is minimized by only allowing bills matching all criteria into the ABS.

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Law Firms

LegalMaps gets you paid fast. LegalMaps reducing borrowing costs and gives you more control over working capital. We help maximize realization rates, and minimize writedowns. LegalMaps automates/eliminates client requests for accruals and forecasts.

LegalMaps helps law firms forecast revenue and develop new business with accurate budgeting tools. Web based, no installation. Simple APIs to client systems.

LegalMaps benefits from the virtuous circle and network effects. The more that law firms use LegalMaps, the more they save. The more they involve their clients, the more they save. So law firms bring clients, who bring more lawyers, who bring more data. This all serves to improve the breadth and quality of LegalMaps predictive analytics, which attracts new users.

Our CTO led the VC backed development of a storage solution acquired by Oracle at $100 million.

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This is a story about Big Law Firms and the Fortune 100.

Big law firms love working for the Fortune 100,
but their slow pay policies cause law firm cash flow headaches.

Expense Management

American corporations spend over $300 billion a year on outside legal expenses. And the average Fortune 100 legal spend is $185 million.


Without matter budgets, managing that spend is like overseeing construction without a blueprint, herding cats, or forecasting with a crystal ball.


The answer is LegalMaps. The only look ahead, visual, cloud based, collaborative, real time matter management solution, for business and law firms.

  •  – Better data for the Fortune 100
  •  – Faster pay for law firms
  •  – New investment for finance institutions
  •  – We’re serving 2 markets with one engine.

First, the $8 billion market for matter management solutions, which remains “untapped,” according to Gartner.

And second, the legal invoice aggregation market we’re creating, where our proprietary processes and algorithms reduce lender risk, resulting in better, cheaper, and faster legal invoice payments, with a $289 billion total accessible market in the USA alone.

We’ve developed traction through successful pilots involving 11 law firms, handling 59 lawsuits, with over $29 million in detailed budgets, and over $10 million worth of line item invoices.

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